Where the writer and teacher meet

It took me a long time to be comfortable with myself as a writer, even though I was teaching teenagers how to effectively write every day. But after I got through graduate school, I finally started to see myself as a writer.

In this space, you will find blog posts about writing and the writing process, workshops about writing, and experiences with publishing. As I grow as a writer, I expect this space to grow as well.

Writing the Journey

I write about writing. I share my travel and personal experiences through writing in a lot of contexts, but I also strive to achieve more as a writer. This is where I reflect on that process.

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Writing in the Margins

This section is a workshop space for people who love to write and want to do something meaningful with their writing, but they still have to pay the bills. I’m a high school English teacher. I get it. I’m there too. But we can do both, and this is where I aim to show fellow writers how to do so. Note: Most content in this section is for paid subscribers only.

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