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As I work to expand my writing and pursue publishing opportunities, this page is specifically designated for those blog posts that may become part of bigger book projects. Each series is getting its own section that will be housed here. As subscribers, you will get these posts automatically sent to your inbox. I am excited to share with my readers new projects and invite my community to stick around for the ride and offer feedback to help those projects improve.

The Life I Never Knew I Wanted

Here you will find the work-in-progress of my camping memoir, which I started almost six years ago. In the time since I wrote these chapters, the book has continued to undergo significant revisions, additions, and changes with the help of my beta team. All readers can get a preview of where the book started. Paid subscribers can read all of the posts in full. As I get closer to final work and publication, I will share that news with all of my subscribers.

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Embracing the Journey

In January 2023 I self-published a book of essays that I had collected over years of blogging. You can find the promotional posts that I wrote related to this book as well as purchase the book at the link below.

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I’ve also started a podcast of each chapter. It is available to paid subscribers only and new episodes will be released most Wednesdays through 2024, starting January 31.

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Shifting Sand

While I explore many issues related to faith and politics in “Embracing Curiosity,” this occasional series is focused on going deeper into the life experiences that have challenged and grown my Christian faith. While I have not abandoned my faith, the challenges have definitely forced me to ask hard questions and reconstruct in the face of deep hurt. Most of these pieces are reserved for paid subscribers.

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Midwestern Reflections on the Lone Star State

We are Michiganders who have chosen to make Indiana our home on two different occasions. But for six years we made Texas our home. In this series, I look at the lessons that we learned and the experiences that shaped our understanding of the Lone Star State.

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