Mar 21 • 8M

Giving Arkansas a Chance: Diamonds, Hot Springs, and History

Sarah Styf
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In 2015, Sarah Styf started the blog Accepting the Unexpected Journey. She originally intended to use the blog as a place to reflect on the life changes facing her family and new experiences living in Texas as midwestern transplants, but the blog eventually evolved into a little bit of everything, including travel blogs about all of the traveling that her family did in the years after moving from Indiana to the Lone Star State. Now, she is stepping away from travel blogging to share those adventures, old and new, with a listening audience.
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Sarah and her family drove through Arkansas several times before they finally decided to make it a short vacation destination. This is what they experienced when they went to Daisy State Park, Crater of Diamonds State Park, and Hot Springs National Park, all in the same short trip. You can also read about it on her blog, Accepting the Unexpected Journey. Go to the hyperlink to read the post.

Music by Craig Harmann

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