Who Can Keep a Schedule?

Writing ahead to get on a schedule that works for you

Welcome to “Writing in the Margins.” As a high school English teacher who occasionally freelances and regularly blogs, finding the time to do the writing that fulfills me can be a challenge. In “Writing in the Margins,” I offer lessons and tips for improving as a writer when it isn’t your full-time job.

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Our Orlando trip posts started here and the last post will be live at the end of December:

On the Journey
Florida on Summer Vacation?
In Mission: Wanderlust, I write and podcast about our family’s travel adventures and the things that we have learned along the way…
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For more about how I see my blog as a personal writing workshop, you can read this post:

On the Journey
My Personal Writing Workshop
In Writing the Journey, I write about writing. I share my travel and personal experiences through writing in a lot of contexts, but I also strive to achieve more as a writer. This is where I reflect on that process…
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Stay tuned next month for a chat thread related to scheduling out your work. Be ready to ask questions or share your own experiences and tips for creating an effective schedule that allows you to consistently share work with your audience.

Have questions now? Drop them in the comments below. Do you have suggestions for future content? Put those suggestions in the comments below, also.

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